The Hôtel des Alpes Spa

Whether in summer or winter, holidays in the mountains mean fresh air, walking, cycling or skiing, whatever your pace or level.

To relax and enjoy their stay with us, our guests really appreciate the hotel Spa, with its jacuzzi and sauna. This is a light, calm wellness area designed to extend the pleasure of a lovely day out in Oisans.

To ensure optimal conditions of comfort, the Spa is only open to hotel residents. So that you can get the most out of your jacuzzi and sauna, capacity is limited to 4 people. It is open from 3 PM to 7 PM with prior booking and costs €8.50 per person for 45 minutes.

The Hôtel des Alpes pays particular attention to the maintenance and cleanliness of its rooms, shared areas and facilities. Spa rules have therefore been introduced to ensure optimal conditions of hygiene for the jacuzzi and sauna.

You can book the Spa at reception during your stay or at the time of booking your hotel room.


Rules of use for the Spa wellness area

Pregnant women and people with cardiovascular problems are strongly discouraged from using the Spa and sauna. Access is prohibited to people with suspect skin wounds. The wearing of plasters or bandages is prohibited.

The Relaxation Area is reserved for use by hotel guests.
Entrance fees apply. Sessions last 45 minutes and must be pre-booked.
Sandals must be worn. Disposable slippers are available on request from reception.
We remind our guests that the Relaxation Area is a place for relaxing, therefore shouting, diving, running and jumping are all prohibited.
To ensure optimal hygiene, showering with soap and rinsing is compulsory prior to entering the jacuzzi and sauna. A shower gel dispenser is provided in the showers.
Swimwear must be worn in all areas. Boxer shorts are strictly prohibited.
Children under 16 are not allowed in the wellness area and the management declines any liability in the event of an accident.
Food and drink, other than water, are prohibited within the relaxation area.
You are advised not to enter the water with any object of value. We decline any responsibility in the case of physical or material damage, theft, loss or alteration. In the event of any damage caused to equipment or by use of soap in the Spa, the cost of repair of the damage shall be paid by the user.
The Management reserves the right to close the relaxation area in the event of force majeure (low bacteriological water quality, closure for maintenance, non-compliance with the health and safety rules).
Any infringement of these rules may result in an immediate ban on using the relaxation area.